X-Ray Vision

01 Jun

All of us who are pet owners know the stress we feel when our beloved four-legged friend is ill or injured. We don’t always know what’s wrong – have they swallowed something? Have they broken something? Do they have kidney stones, or a tumor? We can become panicky with our lack of knowledge and our desire to help, so we rush to the veterinarian looking for that expert advice we seek. Our stress level and our pet’s suffering are multiplied when we hear that we’ll have to “wait for results” because the office doesn’t have the necessary diagnostic equipment.

………………………………………………………… Thankfully, this is not the case with Mountain Vet to Pet. Dr. Lisa has a new, state of the art x-ray machine which enables her to quickly and accurately diagnose many illnesses and injuries, giving you – the anxious owner – immediate results. Couple this with her vision that animals should be treated with dignity, and her understanding of the family-pet dynamic, and you’ll feel your anxiety lift, knowing that your furry family member is in the best possible hands.


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