Feline Friends

30 May

“I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.” – Hippolyte Taine


Those of us who have experienced the wisdom of cats know that there’s nothing quite like a feline friend. These beauties are all looking for their human friends while waiting at the Evergreen Animal Protective League. Meet Misty, a three-year-old whose original owner suffered a severe stroke and is unable to care for her cats now. Her animals were well loved and received extremely good care. Misty is a long haired grey girl who loves heights – you’ll find her as far up as she can climb; she gives little love bites when you stop the petting, and is very loving to people and to her housemates.


Then there is Spangles, a torti bobtail who is practically still a baby herself, but has had 3 kittens. She is barely a year old, but was a very, very conscientious mom – her babies were healthy and active and have been adopted. She is enjoying her second childhood now that she’s an empty-nester, and is a loving, playful kitty who would love to meet you. 


Caspar is a beautiful black/brown/white tabby who is about a year old. She is long and sleek and a bit shy at first, but she eventually warms up and is very playful. She loves to run and chase balls or just about anything that moves, including her own tail!  Her favorite spot to nap is in the “tunnels” among the sheets and blankets on the bed. When it’s time for a treat or some catnip, she will purr, “chirp” and wrap herself in figure-eights around your legs. This sweet kitty would enjoy a quiet household and maybe a feline friend. 


If you’re looking for that special friend, come in and meet Misty, Spangles, Caspar and their housemates. Or just browse the beautiful faces at the EAPL website. You might find exactly what you’re looking for!


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