Scarlet & Coco

26 May

Internationally celebrated soccer player, David Beckham, and his wife Victoria were recently guests at the royal wedding. This was undoubtedly a huge event for them, but personally they have recently experienced an even greater delight. Not only are they expecting their fourth child, but they just acquired a new French bulldog puppy, Scarlet, to be companion to their English bulldog, Coco.

French bulldogs are a compact companion dog, active but not sporty. They are muscular dogs with a smooth coat, snub nose and solid bone structure. Their physical appearance is characterized by naturally occurring “bat ears” that are wide at the base and rounded at the top. Their tails are naturally short, not cropped.

The French bulldog is a small companion breed of dog, related to the English bulldog and American bulldog. The dogs are commonly called the Frenchie.

The English bulldog is a muscular heavy dog with a wrinkled face and a distinctive pushed-in nose. Although docile and easy to please, they are not known for their intelligence. They require little exercise and are therefore good dogs for urban dwellers.

It seems that Scarlet and Coco are destined to become great friends. As for the scrunched-up face of one, and the huge ears of the other, I guess the old adage is true – beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


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