25 May

Those of us who are pet owners view our four-legged friends as part of the family. Many of us even treat our sweet furry babies like our children – always giving them the best, and in fact even spoiling them at times. When it’s time to go to the vet, for a check-up or for an illness, we see it as a necessary evil, something we must do for our pet’s health, but which causes untold stress for both pet and owner. You know what I’m talking about – you take the cat to the vet, and when the doctor opens a drawer to get an instrument, Kitty sees the opportunity to reach safety and dives in. You and the doctor then spend the next twenty minutes trying to coax Kitty out of the drawer. Or if it’s your dog, he happily jumps in the car, thinking you’re going somewhere fun, then when he catches a whiff of his destination, he refuses to get out of the car, drags on his leash, sits or lies down and basically does everything he can to keep you from getting him into the building.

Dr. Lisa at Mountain Vet to Pet works her veterinary practice a little differently. She understands that Pup and Kitty are part of the family, and treats them as such. She conducts her exams and many of her treatments right in your own home, reducing the stress for your pet and making the experience much easier for you, the owner. It’s like having a family friend come to visit, and seeing the vet is no longer an evil, but instead a relatively painless part of a normal day at home.


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