Summertime Fun

16 May

Summer is coming, although we may wonder with the weather we’ve been having. But whether delayed or not, come it will, and with summer comes all the fun summertime activities we enjoy with our dogs. We look forward to camping, hiking , fishing and other outdoor pastimes. What do our dogs look forward to? Running in the fresh air, rolling in the dirt, wading in the creek, romping in the mud, and other fun (and dirty) canine pursuits. After a day of strenuous play, it seems the thing we both need is a hot bath.

At Dogma™ Pet Supply and Dog Wash, we understand washing your dog is a dirty job. That is why we put a lot of research into designing a fun and clean atmosphere. Our tubs were custom designed for every dog in mind. You can walk around both sides of our non-slip tubs to wash your dog. Your pet can step right into the tub, no ramps needed. Even the largest dog fits easily into our tubs. Also, no bending over for you as our tubs put your pet at waist height (your back will thank you). So, you wash the dirty dog, we clean up the mess. What a perfect arrangement!


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