Have You Been Chosen?

12 May

Do we choose our pets, or do they choose us? When you wander through a website like the Evergreen Animal Protective League planning to adopt a pet, sometimes the look in an animal’s eyes calls to you, and you feel like you’ve been chosen. No matter how long you look at available animals, you keep coming back to this one, and you sense when you meet them there will be a connection. So you make the appointment, and when you walk in the door they look at you as if to say, “I’ve been waiting for you. Let’s go home.”

Here are three loving boys waiting to meet you at the EAPL. They’d love for you to meet their friends, too. One of them may just choose you to be his very own.

This is Patches, a six-month-old, neutered puppy looking for his forever home. As a border-collie mix, he is a very playful, happy dog. He might just make your home complete.



No one knows how long Diego, an 8-year old male Chihuahua spent as a stray, having to scrabble for every meal, and afraid of people. Now that he is comfortable, it turns out he is a loveable, mellow guy.  He is just a sweet middle-aged gent looking for a safe place to retire. If you’re looking for a snuggler, Diego may just be for you.




Hatch is a neutered male, about one-year-old. He was found, very scared, walking along a highway. It was clear he had been on his own for a while. While at first he was timid, he soon became a lovable, jolly fellow whose goal was to give kisses and get as close as physically possible. With a little love and patience he will be a wonderful companion!


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