It All Counts

09 May

Part of the quality care that your pet receives at Mountain Vet to Pet comes from the fact that Dr. Lisa Warren has spent years building an understanding of cats and dogs, knowing exactly what makes them tick.  She pays attention to what causes agitation and what promotes calm and security, because when your pet isn’t wasting energy being fearful or stressed, their treatment is more productive.  The Mountain Vet to Pet office doesn’t smell or look clinical but rather provides a comfortable, reassuring welcome, much like home.  Not only does the front “living room” atmosphere calm the patient but it gives the rest of the family a sense of well-being, which also contributes to the serenity of the patient.   The examination rooms are not walled in but instead have large windows so that your dog can see out, a basic canine requirement in order to maintain their calm.  Even the art on the walls is placed specifically with your four legged family member in mind.  Cats can become tense when they are confronted with large images in wall art, so the 36’ X 24’ portrait of the Great Danes, though beautiful, doesn’t hang in the examination room.  Neutral, earthy colors on the walls and floor create a subdued sense of order and quiet harmony.   A Vet’s office planned with the happiness of the patient and the family in mind makes a tremendous difference in everyone’s pet care experience – simply healthier by design.


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