I’ve Got That Loving Feeling

04 May

There is nothing quite like the feeling you can get when a purring cat sits in your lap. Their contentment seems to radiate from them, and you slowly feel your own stress melt away. Those who don’t know cats think they are aloof creatures, but we who are catophiles know better. From our felines’ perspective, it’s all about their people, it’s all about sharing the love. So, if you’ve got that loving feeling, here are some beauties available for adoption through the Evergreen Animal Protective League:

Sophia is an 8-year-old long-haired, indoor, part Main Coon Cat. After the initial ‘warming up’ phase, you’ll find that she’s a sweetie who loves to sit on laps and bird watch from the window sill. Unfortunately, her owner’s son has developed a cat allergy, and they are longing for her to go to a new, loving ‘forever’ home.



There is also a very large variety of kittens now up for adoption – they are currently fostered at the Evergreen Cat Lodge. These sweet felines are adorable, curious and frisky, and they are all desiring loving homes. Visit the EAPL website for more information on how you can meet these lovable bundles of fluff, like Kitten Sebastian here.


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