Did Someone Say, “Treat?”

03 May

In our house, as perhaps it is in yours, we cannot even say the word treat, unless we fully intend to pass out goodies to all our furry family members. For instance, I cannot say, “The party was a success – such a treat for all of us,” because the moment the word treat leaves my mouth, the dogs’ ears perk up, and they run to the pantry door and sit waiting for their little delicacies. Well, truth be told, we don’t mind one bit spoiling them with healthful snacks, because they are so devoted and loving, and bring such joy into our lives.

At Dogma Pet Supply, we believe that you are as crazy about your pets as we are about ours. Our products are the healthiest, most natural and sensible we can find, and our store is all about the pets. Bring your pooch in to shop, and he can visit the treat bar – a yummy array of healthful little indulgences, situated at doggie height, so he can sniff the selection and choose the one he likes best. Then, when he turns those puppy-dog eyes on you asking for more, you can choose from the many brands at Dogma™ without worrying about reading the ingredients list, because you know everything sold here is both yummy and healthful for your pet.

At Dogma™ we are all about spoiling the ones who give us unconditional love. And what better way of showing your appreciation than with a delicious and nutritious bone, chew, or baked treat from Dogma™.


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