Meet Me at the Park

02 May

He knew this would be a day to remember the minute she walked in.  She was beautiful for sure, but there was something else about her, was it in her eyes?  It was clear she lived a whole life though her youth belied the fact.  She was shy at first, keeping to herself, while the others caught up and became reacquainted.  He kept an eye on her as he hung with his crowd, looking back for her to follow.   Finally she stepped out, as though willing to join in and he was immediately at her side offering subtle reassurances, staying with her as he introduced her to the usuals.  She was smart and sure of herself as she came out of her shell, and he knew that she was the girl of his dreams.  They met every Thursday at the park for a run and he learned that her life had not been easy but since her adoption things were looking up.  His story was much the same and their bond grew firm.  They enjoyed wrestling over a stick and chasing up and down the hills and around the trees.  He always brought extra treats for her and made sure the bowl had water when she came for a drink.  The park was their place, no leashes, just open and wild, safe from the outside world, a place to become the truest kind of friends, and so they would be.  Friends for life, exploring the Elk Meadow Park made just for dogs-a place where love is born every day.


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