Zoe & Mr. S

21 Apr

The Evergreen Animal Protective League is a wonderful place in town where sweet dogs and cats await adoption into loving homes. A while back, my family was looking for a cat to round out our family. We already had a dog and a cat but somehow sensed that a second cat would make everything just right. We heard of a specific kitty named Zoe who was residing at the EAPL.  We knew she was about a year old, small (around six pounds), spayed and current on her shots. We knew she had been brought in because the cats in her house were traumatizing her to such an extent that she had quit using her food dish and her litter box, which of course, pulled on my heartstrings.

We decided to take Zoe home. After the initial hissing and spitting, she settled in with our cat, Mimi. And over time, she gained four pounds. But this story is really about Zoe and my husband, Mr. S. You see, when we went into the cat room at the EAPL, our girls and I immediately decided that Zoe was the one. But Mr. S had his eye on a regal, dignified male cat. Well, as all good papas do, he gave into his girls. And in true cat fashion, Zoe decided Mr. S was the one. She immediately set about sweet-talking him. She truly, without question, fell in love with Mr. S, and it never occurred to her that he wouldn’t love her back. She started snuggling him at night, shoving her wet nose into his neck, all the while purring to beat the band.

These days, when my husband comes home, I jokingly say, “Zoe, it’s your boyfriend.” Everyday, she runs out to greet him, putting her paws on his knee so he’ll pick her up. Then she settles in on his shoulders, and tells him about her day. She is his cat, and he is her person – a match made by the EAPL.


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