20 Apr

When I was growing up in the country, my family had a Fox Red Labrador named Rango. Rango was a ‘really good dog,’ if you know what I mean. When I was a little child, he’d let me play with him – including riding on his back using his ears as reins. When he tired of the game, he simply sat, letting me gently slide onto the floor. In all the roughhousing I did with him, he never once snapped, snarled or growled at me. He was my playmate.

But let a stranger walk onto the property, and he would instantly turn into valiant protector. He would bare his teeth and bark in an incredibly menacing way, often terrifying people. He knew it was his job to guard our home and our family, and he took that job very seriously.

Well, as happens to all of us, Rango aged. He developed arthritis, lost his sense of smell, and became almost completely blind. One day, when I was about eight-years-old, I was playing in my front yard with dear old Rango lying in the sun beside me. A UPS truck drove onto the property. Rango heard the truck and struggled to his feet, ignoring his painful joints, barking like mad. He couldn’t see the truck, but he sensed a threat and he remembered his job.  In that moment I knew, in my little-girl heart, that my dear friend would die before he would let any harm come to me.

Rango’s loyalty to me bonded us in a way that is inexplicable to people who don’t have dogs. But Dr. Lisa Warren, of Mountain Vet to Pet understands dogs and their families. She ‘gets’ the bonds of loyalty and love, and really understands the difficult emotions we grapple with as we watch our beloved friends age.  She specializes in geriatric care, and helps her patients live this stage of their life with dignity and good health. She also compassionately helps her patients’ owners when they are faced with difficult decisions regarding their pet. If you and your pet have not yet met Dr. Lisa, now might be the time to give her a call. It’s a decision you’ll never regret.


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