A Perfect Lunatic

19 Apr

I wish my pets realized how truly patient I am. I mean, they say inane things to me, like “What a good baby,” and I smile up at them, letting them think that’s the best compliment I could receive. And when they let my food dish run nearly dry, I gently remind them of their responsibilities by nibbling at their fingers while they lie in bed, doing nothing. But the other morning, I must admit, I felt my patience run thin. I had an uncontrollable urge to race through the house, jumping at shadows, attacking inanimate objects, and viciously assaulting my stuffed bunny. I don’t know where they came from, but these feelings simply welled up inside me. I have to say, I was a tiny bit worried, because I tend to think of myself as very nearly perfect.

A little later, when I was feeling calmer and was sitting in my pet’s lap, purring away, I noticed the newspaper she was reading. Right there it said that a new study suggests that cats get into more mischief and are injured more often during certain phases of the lunar cycle, particularly when the moon is fullest. I turned to the calendar. Yes, indeed, we were experiencing a full moon.

What a lovely affirmation that I am, as I thought, very nearly perfect, for a perfect cat tends to be a perfect lunatic during the full moon. My pet is so lucky to be mine. I hope she realizes it.


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