Call Me Beautiful

18 Apr

When it’s time for our sweet Collie-mix, Simon, to go outside to ‘use the facilities’, if there happens to be a single drop of precipitation in the air, this is what happens: he runs to the door in excited anticipation; he stops dead in his tracks as he smells the rain or snow; he slowly backs away from the door, sits, drops his ears, and begins to blink rapidly. His tail wags a little bit, and the message is clear. In his silent way, he is screaming the question – “You want me to get WET?!?!?”

Now imagine bath time. I don’t think I could physically wrestle him into the tub and have us both come away unscathed. Thanks to Dogma Pet Supply & Dog Wash, I don’t even have to make the attempt. They have some lovely people, including Sara and Angel, who are professionals of the highest standard. They will not only get my pup clean in the hard to reach places, and coax his thick fur into glossy beauty, but they will do it in a way that makes him feel adored and pampered. It’s a spa day for Simon, instead of mutual torture for the two of us if I tried groom him myself. I let the fabulous groomers at Dogma do all the work, and then happily receive the compliments I get at the dog park about my beautiful animal. If you like the idea of a grooming experience that is virtually pain-free for all concerned, then call for an appointment at Dogma, and take advantage of their spectacular full-grooming service.


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