Panic Attack

13 Apr

Is your cat like most of its species?  Do his eyes nearly pop out of his skull when he sees you enter the room with the cat carrier?  Once you’ve wrestled him into the carrier and finished bandaging your wounds does he moan in distorted meows that sound like he is being tortured and does he turn his face away from the door to the carrier, refusing to look at you when you speak to him?  Is it because he knows the carrier means a trip to the place that smells funny, where he stands on a cold examination table and gets poked and prodded and cooed at by someone who is not on his approved list of associations?  Put those horrible images out of your mind and imagine your cat’s doctor coming to your home, where she sits on the floor with the patient and talks to them in a charming British accent, never locking them in a cage while they wait their turn.  This new adventure of a guest in the home who bravely breeches the gap between cat and human by refusing to be intimidated by hissing, and simply treats the cat with respect and warmth, without ever making the patient ride in the car, is one worth looking into.  Turn the orbs of terror into slits of glee and get to know the doctor who cares for your feline without the royalty ever having to leave the palace.


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