Run the Rocks

05 Apr

Getting fit for the coming warmer weather is like the rite of spring.  Runners and bikers spring from the woodwork and can be seen crossing Elk Meadow at various rates of speed.  There are the “don’t realize how long the winter has been” types who can be seen collapsed on the side of Upper Bear Creek Road, gulping water and gasping for air.  While on the other hand lies the “one step at a time – no sense in rushing this cardio thing” types who will finally dig their running shoes out sometime in July and are currently on the “one less beer at the Bear” fitness plan.  The smart mountain dweller will land somewhere in between, starting with an extended walk , and graduating to a vigorous hike up the steps at Red Rocks.  Keep the less active days of winter in mind when you take your dogs out for their spring time frolic.  Let them grow into their exercise routine along with you.  By the time you get to Red Rocks, they will probably be running the steps two at a time well ahead of your pace, but they can always run back and meet you then run up again.  Be sure you bring plenty of water to keep them hydrated, as well as yourself, and remember once in a while to stop for ice cream on your way home – for the dog of course.


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