Health Check

04 Apr

As spring is in the air as well as a reality on the calendar, it is important to be sure that our pets’ vaccines are up to date.  There will be more days at the park and longer walks in the meadow and more chances to get all the annoying ailments that plague the modern day domestic animalKennel Cough is a big one for your dog and that vaccination needs to be renewed every six months through a simple nasal spray.  Like the flu shot the vaccine doesn’t prevent every strain of Kennel Cough but it will shorten the endurance and severity of the cough if your dog is infected.  Wyatt, a client of Mountain Vet to Pet and Dogma Pet Supply contracted the illness shortly after receiving the vaccination.  The cough sounded like a seal bark and often he appeared to be choking.  Dr. Lisa Warren diagnosed him with Kennel Cough and prescribed an antibiotic and mild suppressant and within two days the coughing started to lessen.  During the time he was on the antibiotic he was still contagious and wasn’t allowed to play with his friends, but soon he was back to his healthy self and running with the gang again.  Wyatt was thrilled to have been diagnosed so quickly, the day after he started coughing, and to be treated properly so that his cough didn’t become a chronic issue and he was glad that he had already had his vaccination because his cough was never severe.  Living in the mountains can make it harder for dogs to deal with their Kennel Cough making the vaccination even more important.  Wyatt is feeling better and wants his friends to know that he appreciated the cards and letters while he convalesced.


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