Audrey Hepburn and Baby Ip

01 Apr

When Audrey Hepburn was making her 1959 movie, Green Mansions,  her costar was a baby fawn named Pippin, whom everyone called Ip.  Audrey was a woman full of surprises and a lot of love for all creatures, and her role in the film required her to bond with the little deer, who was meant to follow her around through the entirety of the movie.  To perfect their on screen chemistry, the animal trainer on the set suggested that Audrey take Ip home and adopt him as a pet.  Hepburn’s maid was said to marvel at Audrey and Ip cuddled up on the sofa napping with Hepburn’s dog, Mr. Famous, looking on.  The Beverly Hills crowd, who was accustomed to oddities and generally able to ignore every manner of strange behavior were said to stop dead in their tracks as Audrey Hepburn walked down the street, stopping at shops with the tiny fawn in tow.  Ip seemed to look to his celebrity mother as the real thing and lived happily with the star for some time.  For an animal from the wild to take to a human being in such a way isn’t common, but Audrey Hepburn loved the little deer, and seemed to think nothing of keeping him as a member of her family, and Ip was clearly in complete agreement.


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