Family Medicine

30 Mar

Veterinarians are their own species of person.  Some of them are so clinical it is almost frightening to take your pets in, and you will never, no matter how long you take your animals to them, feel that you are giving your pet the best care you can.  Other Vets think themselves more like the animal than the person who pays the bill, so your communication with them will always be third hand.  You will know how your dog or cat is doing by what the doctor is telling the animal, rather than by what the doctor is saying to you, and when you ask them a question, they will look at you as though you interrupted an important conversation.  Then there is Dr. Lisa Warren, who sweeps into your home with the warmth of a good friend and immediately puts man and beast at ease.  She clearly loves the pet, interacting with them as though they are her own, but her conversation is with the human part of the combination, so that when she is done treating your pet, all of your questions have been answered and you will feel that you are fully informed about the results of the examination.  It is an interesting mix of personality, when one can love your dog or cat without overlooking you, but Lisa’s approach is to treat the animal as part of the family, connecting with everyone so that there is a mutual understanding of the pet’s needs and how best to meet them, taking the animal’s health and the budget into consideration.  The blend makes for a happy pet and a happy family all the way around.


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