25 Mar

Elizabeth Taylor, two time Academy Award Winner and undeniably one of the consummate queens of the silver screen died this week at the age of 79.  She is known for her vivid portrayals of loved and not so loved characters both as a child and as an adult, her stunning beauty, with eyes so blue they were said to be violet, and her eight marriages.  She was also a tremendous lover of dogs, almost any kind, owning Spaniels and Dachshunds, and a Collie that she was given on her sixtieth birthday, commemorating her starring role in the first movie named for the most famous Collie, Lassie Come Home.  While still acting, the dogs in whose company she was most often found were her brood of Pekingese, always two, sometimes more.  She rarely went anywhere without them.  Once, when she and then husband Richard Burton, went to England to make a film she was alarmed to find that her Pekingese would have to spend six months in quarantine before they would be allowed to romp on English soil.  Taylor and Burton, without blinking, bought a yacht and moored it on the Thames where they lived happily with their dogs during the filming without the dogs ever having to set foot on the English shore. In the last years of Elizabeth Taylor’s life she became attached to her white Maltese, of which she had several.  The small dogs were never far from her, always sitting in her lap, or settling next to her in bed as she was ill.  Taylor is quoted as saying that her best leading men were either dogs or horses.


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