In Death as in Life

23 Mar

Getting old is never easy, and when it is the friend of your heart, your cat or dog who you have come to love as family, and you know they are struggling, the difficulty of deciding what is best for them is gut wrenching and heartbreaking.  Let us tell you the story of Reggie, a kind hearted, sweet combination of Australian Shepherd and Bassett Hound, giving him a long body and Shepherd-sized head with legs about the length of a man’s thumb.  Reggie was a great watch dog and a much loved member of the family, but like all of us he was aging.  As things became more difficult for him the question had to be asked about the quality of his life.  Was he hanging in there because he knew his family wanted him to, and what was it costing him to do that?  The decision seemed impossible, but over a period of weeks, Dr. Lisa saw Reggie often and finally said to the family.  “Reggie is a noble dog and has lived with dignity.  Let him keep that dignity as his life is ending.”  When Dr. Lisa came to the house to put Reggie down, though many tears were shed and they still are sometimes today, the relief of knowing that there was no more suffering in Reggie’s life brought a tremendous amount of peace to the family.  Being a veterinarian takes education, good judgment and compassion, and sometimes, it requires wisdom.  Lisa Warren handled Reggie with all of those things, heavy on the wisdom.


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