22 Mar

There are few creatures capable of understanding the eloquence of a good nap – the kind that cannot be disturbed by sudden displays of affection, or tempting treats.  When truly napping, the artist, which is what I consider myself, transports himself to a different place, a higher plane as it were, where the focus is only on lounging, stretching and displaying the full length of my exquisite beauty.  A master napper may even splay toes in an expression of superior relaxation, and the deep sleep will at times be accompanied by a luxurious purring sound that tells the world to stay back and let the napping continue.  Napping is happiness and practiced achievement rolled into one perfected experience that few can understand and even fewer will share.  Thankfully I have accomplished the ability to nap whenever and wherever I choose which is what makes me a cat and the rest of you something else.


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