Bounding with Betty

18 Mar

Known not only for her humor and great television and movie roles, Betty White is a well respected animal lover and activist.  Currently she has three pets, a Golden Retriever named Kitta, a Shih Tzu named Panda and a Himalayan named Bob Cat, or Mr. Cat if you are not fond of the species.  All of them are rescue animals in a sense.  Kitta was originally trained in Canada to be a guide dog but his hips weren’t up to the task, Panda had been abused in a pet store that has since been shut down, and Betty discovered Bob Cat at her hair salon, where another patron brought him in hopes of finding him a home, and with Betty there, she did.  Golden Retrievers are known for their amiable, relaxed personalities, always there with a smile and highly social.  A Shih Tzu is loving, alert, lively and full of character, and Himalayans are cats, so – lovable, loyal and rude all at the same time.   Betty says she loves anything with legs on all four corners, and she frequently apologizes for the language her dogs use when the Labrador from next door saunters by.  She has never turned away an animal in need, as a child the family had 26 animals at once for a short time, but tries to keep her family to no more than four.  She admits it gets tough when there are more noses than hands to go around.


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