15 Mar

I know it looks like a tremendous waste of time, the dog on dog chase, mouths open, tongues flapping, all four feet off the ground at any given minute.  In the end, what have we really gained, but a lot of panting?  From your viewpoint, I’m sure you must ask yourself, what are they after, and why is it so important to get there before the other dog.  That precisely is why I am a dog and you are not.  The answer to your question is simple.  There is no destination, no goal to get there first; the point is in the chase itself, all out working every muscle, running as if there is no tomorrow, feeling the freedom of our ancestors in every beat of our pads on the sand.  There is no beginning nor end to the journey, because the journey is an ongoing prelude and the run on the beach is just the fast part, and if tomorrow we travel the exact same path, breathless racing through the sand, it will be every bit as beautiful as it was today, because we are dogs and besides you, there is one thing we love more than anything else, and that would be the run!


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