Home for Chloe

10 Mar

Once there was a kitty who lived with a family who loved her very much, but that wasn’t always the case.  This kitty, a calico with a white patch on her nose and paws, was named Chloe and her first year of life wasn’t exactly easy.  She, through an unfortunate set of circumstances found herself quite on her own in the mountains of Colorado when she was only nine months old.  One night, when she was hungry and it was beginning to get cold a lady, who purred a little like a kitty herself picked Chloe up out of the window well where she had been hiding, wrapped her in a blanket and took her to a warm place.  This place was full of other people like the kitty lady and they fed Chloe and fixed her hurt paw and helped her not be scared anymore.  She had to get some shots, which she wasn’t thrilled about, but afterwards she got to sit on the sofa and watch television and kitty lady brought her little treats and purred at her some more.  Then one day a family came to see her.  They held Chloe and rubbed her ears and dangled a ball of string in front of her.  She wasn’t terribly interested in the string, but she swatted at it just to be sociable.  A little time later, the family came back and put her in a carrier and took her to their house, where they became Chloe’s own family.  Now she is petted and cuddled every day, she sleeps on the bed with the little girl and she eats her favorite foods.  Every so often she walks by the carrier that brought her home.  On the side it says Evergreen Animal Protective League, but Chloe doesn’t actually read.  She assumes it says “Chloe’s Ride Home”.


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