Family Matters

09 Mar

There is no denying that as Americans our pets matter to us.  They are part of the family, and in some cases the part we like best.  Evergreen leads the pack on the “my dog or cat is the center of the universe” scale and we are hard core when it comes to choosing the medical care giver for our four legged companions.  Lisa Warren, Mountain Vet to Pet, has spent her career finding the best way to care for animals, from birth to death and all the times in between.  Her commitment goes beyond her love for the animal, as she gets to know her patient’s family and comes to understand their interaction and way of life.  We have all taken our furry friend in to see a vet and felt like an outsider as the animal doctor makes it clear that he loves your pet and thinks of you as the person who pays the bill.  With Lisa the vet visit experience is one of shared understanding of the pet’s important place in the home, as well as her concern that you, as the family are comfortable with the care being given.  Lisa Warren will not only know your pet, she will know you, demonstrating her concern for all parties involved which is why she will come to your home to treat your cat or dog if that works best for all of you.  Her “family” style clinic is located at the corner of Stagecoach Boulevard and Evergreen Parkway, and she invites you and yours in for a visit.  You and your pet will feel right at home.


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