Coming to Terms

08 Mar

Seriously.  Did you think I wouldn’t notice?  How long have we known each other, how long have I allowed you to live in my house?  I thought we had this fabric softener thing settled.  You know that part of my routine, the routine I stick to as though my life depended on it, is to pick at my breakfast as though I don’t care, walk away, come back and gobble it down when you’re not looking, wash up thoroughly, being careful not to miss the spot behind my right ear that always gives me trouble, then saunter over to the spot of sun coming in through the front window.  After a few minutes there I go to the bowl to get a drink, then a graceful leap onto the top of the Queen Anne chair in the office where I paw at my fuzzy blanket until I have arranged the folds to my liking and settle in for my nap.  I balance myself perfectly on the top of the chair back on the fuzzy blanket and experience at least an hour of complete contentment.  Until this morning.  What made you think it was in any way appropriate to allow lavender scented fabric softener to permeate the fibers of my fuzzy blanket?  I overlooked that you snuck it off to the laundry, and that you cut off my favorite chewed on corner, but lavender fabric softener?  Can you sense my disgust?  Just so you know – we’re fighting now.


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