04 Mar

I have always wondered about the ancient Egyptians, worshipping cats they way they did, when dogs have a so much more divine nature.  A cat will hiss if you look at him wrong, while a dog won’t even notice.  We are the loyal species, the ones who come running even if we’re in the middle of something, the animal that will play with anyone, man or beast, if there is a ball involved.  We love our lives and cherish our people and wouldn’t think of turning our nose up at dinner, and think of the joy we bring to every situation.  Even in the direst of circumstances a dog has the energy and fortitude to wag a tail.  Try getting a cat to greet you with exuberant wiggles when you come home from work, and don’t even consider a game of Frisbee.  So move over, Kitty, there’s a new game in town, and we’re making all the rules.  No scratching, greetings will be accompanied with a friendly lick, and when there is only one open chair in the room, you, my feline friend will have to find another place to sit!


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